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Our primary regulator, FINRA, provides numerous investor education materials. One
resource is BrokerCheck, which provides information about firms and financial advisors.

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Gammi October 2020 Newsletter

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Be a Hero for Your Loved Ones

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. (LIAM)  We will be sharing educational pieces throughout the month.
Did you know that we offer free insurance policy reviews?  Please call the office at 602-494-7641 to request one.

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Gammi September Newsletter

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What is Dollar Cost Averaging?

Dollar cost averaging is an unemotional investment strategy where you invest a fixed dollar amount at regular intervals regardless of the price when you buy. It is not always easy to invest in stocks when the market is declining. Concerns may develop like; what if the market continues to decline after I invest? The fact is, no one can predict the future, and while no two markets are the same and past performance is never an indication of future results, historically what we have experienced might suggest that dollar cost averaging may be a worthy strategy to consider particularly if the market is declining. Let’s assume that you have $1,200 that you want to invest in a particular investment priced at $10 a share. You could invest all of it at one time, have 120 shares, and hope that the price climbs higher. But what if the price goes down? To mitigate this risk, you can dollar cost average $100 at the beginning of every month. In this hypothetical example, the benefit of dollar cost averaging in a declining market is that your average price per share will be less than if you had jumped into the market all at once. Then, if the market climbs higher, you have more shares regardless of the market climb and a lower break-even point than if you had invested everything at $10. It's important to understand that dollar cost averaging will not protect you from loss and does not guarantee a profit. You may lose potential gains if the price per share continues to go up. However, dollar cost averaging has the potential to make what we feel is a significant difference when investing in a declining market. 

Information from Dollar Cost Averaging white paper by Dunham. 

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Gaylor Active Money Management is excited to introduce a new cash management system!

The First Step Cash Management System™ is an operating system for making decisions about life and money. It is a simple and effective way to manage expenditures, reduce debt, increase savings, and fund important life goals. With First Step, income flows into three "buckets", with each bucket having a specific use or purpose.

To access this helpful tool, we will give you a username and password. If you want, you have the ability to change your
password once you login.

You can find the link here: or access it under the “MY FINANCIAL LIFE” tab above.

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HCM 401K Optimizer

You, like many others may need help choosing how to invest 401k from among the investments your employer's plan offers and allocating those choices appropriately. We give you the tools to help you make informed decisions. It's quick, and it's simple and you maintain complete control of your assets.

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